Merry Christmas


“The bells are ringing everywhere,
The Santa on its way,
The silent prayer in the heart,
And peace for today,
It is truly a special day,
It’s the Christmas day!”

May the sweet magic of Christmas conspire to gladden your hearts and fill every desire.                             

                                         Simple joys, little pleasures,

                                Laughter and smiles in big measures,

                                  Friends, Family, togetherness, love

                                   The choicest blessings from above.

                               Peace, prosperity and happiness too

                     All these and many more are my wishes for U.

                                               Merry Christmas.

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5 Balls of life



30 second Speech by Bryan Dyson (Former CEO of Coca Cola)
Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air. You name them – Work, Family, Health, Friends and Spirit and you’re keeping all of these in the Air.

You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. But the other four Balls – Family, Health, Friends and Spirit – are made of glass. If you drop one of these; they will be irrevocably scuffed, marked, nicked, damaged or even shattered. They will never be the same. You must understand that and strive for it.”

Work efficiently during office hours and leave on time. Give the required time to your family, friends and have proper rest.

Value has a value only if its value is valued.

What is your view point on the above message?

Are you having a proper work life balance? If no then do ponder on the same.


We need to give proper time to each of the 5 core areas of our life.

Are you giving proper time to each of these areas?

  • Work

– Work is the bread and butter of life. So you have to allocate proper time for this area. But never overdo it or else you will find missing the fun and entertainment in the other areas.

– Work smart and leave on time.

– Enjoy and have fun at whatever job /work that you do. This will get reflected in your performance or productivity.

– Maintain good relations with everyone in your office as it will lead to good team spirit. There will be sharing and caring and better solutions to any problems.


  • Family
    • Ensure that you spend some quality time together with your family.
    • Remember that “Family is not an important thing, it is Everything”.
    • The time spent with family is worth every second.


  • Health
    • Do take proper care of your health as “Health is Wealth”
    • Do regular health check- ups and know your health score.
    • Take medication on time.
    • Do find time to practice yoga, meditation, jogging, exercise or simple walking on a daily basis
    • Be Happy and Be Healthy as happiness is the highest form of health


  • Friends
    • Friends are the backbone of your life.
    • Friends are there
      • to celebrate our joys,
      • to share our sorrows,
      • to build our confidence,
      • to make us smile,
      • to give us courage,
      • to support us in all times,
      • to give us a patient hearing,
      • to comfort us on difficult days,
      • to give us a hug when needed,
      • and many many more


  • Spirit
    • It denotes the spiritual side of our life which reflects in our morals, our ethics, our passion and other values of life.


Just check with yourself as to which of the above area is being neglected by you. Consciously take some time off for that particular activity.


Who is poor and who is rich?



  1. A wealthy woman goes to a saree store and tells the boy at the counter “Bhaiya show some cheap sarees. It is my son’s marriage and I have to give to my maid.”

After sometime, the maid comes to the saree shop and tells the boy at the counter “Bhaiya show some expensive sarees. I want to gift my Mistress on her son’s marriage”

Poverty is in the mind or in the purse?

Who is Rich?

2. Once, a lady with her family was staying in a 3-star hotel for a picnic. She was the mother of a 6 month old baby.
“Can I get 1 cup of milk?” asked the lady to the 3-star hotel manager.
“Yes madam”, he replied.
“But it will cost 100 bucks”. “No problem”, said the lady.
While driving back from hotel, the child was hungry again.
They stopped at a road side tea stall and took milk from the tea vendor
“How much?” she asked the tea vendor.
“Madam, we don’t charge money for kid’s milk”, the old man said with a smile.
“Let me know if you need more for the journey”. The lady took one more cup and left.
She wondered, “Who’s richer? The hotel manager or the old tea vendor?

Sometimes, in the race for more money, we forget that we are all humans. Let’s help someone in need, without expecting something in return. It will make us feel better than what money can.
Coffee never knew that it would taste so nice and sweet, before it met milk and sugar.
We are good as individuals but become better when we meet and blend with the right people….

Stay connected.

“The world is full of nice people… If you can’t find one… Be one.”

These stories show us that that are two types of richness in the world :-

  • Rich by money
  • Rich by –
    • thoughts (Think of goodness not just for yourself but for the entire world)
    • words (Use good words as far as possible in your daily speech)
    • deeds (Try to do a good deed a day)

The richness achieved by positive thoughts, beautiful words and good deeds is incomparable.

Secret to Happiness

112Did you know that you have the power to choose to be happy or sad?

Happiness and sadness both are simply a state of mind. It is upon us whether to be on this side or that side.

Happiness acts like a magnet and attracts other things like love, joy, success, peace, confidence,satisfaction etc.


Being sad attracts the negative qualities like ego, jealousy, low self- esteem, stress, etc.11

That is why I choose the happier side of life.

Enjoy happiness in every moment and live life to the fullest. Be determined to be cheerful and keep smiling in whatever situation you may find yourself.1“It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness” – Charles Spurgeon.

2Have you ever tried consciously to make yourself happy?

Be Happy and multiply your happiness many fold by having a healthy, creative and purposeful life.

You should try to find happiness in whatever activities you do on a daily basis.

Whenever a difficult situation arises try finding the problem to the situation. Take them as a challenge and work on it. There is nothing that you cannot do if your mind is under your control.

Start every new work/project that you do with a happy and positive note and you are sure to achieve your goal.

Happiness is when you pursue your passion.

Check out with your inner self if you are really happy in doing what you are currently doing. If not then listen to your heart and follow your dreams.

Happiness is when you try something new, something challenging.

Be creative Be innovative Be Happy.

Happiness comes from giving happiness.

The more you give, the more happier you find yourself.111

Try passing on your happiness to at least 3 persons on a daily basis.

It can be in the form of :-

  • sharing with someone


  • caring for someone6
    • loving someone8
      • supporting someone7
      • helping someone in need9
      • Not only your actions but also your words can bring a smile to a person’s face.
        • A simple and powerful word ”Thank U “ – The more you use it the more you feel good about it.

        It is powerful in the sense that the receiver feels appreciated and feels acknowledged for the service rendered. For instance I always say Thank you to the auto drivers after taking their service. It may be a very small thing to do but a really sweet and effective gesture. I have noticed that immediately it brings a smile to their face. I am sure if he leaves on a positive note he is sure to pass on the positivity and smiles to the other passengers and in turn those passengers to the people they meet. It’s a big circle. So create the magic and it will all come back to you.15

        • A word of appreciation to your
          • team or
          • maids working at your house or
          • your car driver or car cleaner or
          • your watchman
          • your sweeper
          • your liftman

        These are the people who work on a daily basis for us and we take them for granted. One day they do not come for work and we realise their importance.

      • Keep smiling and spread the smiles.
      • Happiness is the key to SUCCESS. So be happy and be successful.

Morning Mantra

123Every new day that God gifts us is a beginning of a

new ray of hope,

new set of feelings,

new layer of excitement,

new stock of plans,

new aura of enlightenment,

new bundle of efforts,

new zeal of energy,

new path of faith,

new area of success and

new bundle of joys.

33So every morning when you get up start your day by THANKING GOD for giving you a fresh day and then looking at the mirror say out loudly that “Today is the best day of my life”. This clears your mind from all fears and negativity surrounding you and brings before you all the energy and positive feelings and a mind filled with positive thoughts.

111Every morning spend atleast 5 minutes to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

124Nature’s beauty is such that it refreshes your mind and puts you in a positive frame of mind. This is very important as a good start of the day leads to a happy end as well.


  • Look at the birds chirping and flying in the air21
  • Look at the trees swaying in the wind22
    • Look at the sun shining brightly23
      • Look at the blue sky24
      • Look at the butterflies flying in the garden25
      • Look at the green grass26
      • Look at the fog covered mountains27
      • Look at the animals around us28
      • Look at the kids playing around us.29
      • Read inspirational and motivational quotes early in the morning. All this gives a positive start for a productive day.
      • Keep smiling and spread the smiles to the world around you.30


1May this Dussehra light up for you and your family and your near and dear ones the HOPES of HAPPY TIMES and DREAMS for a year full of SMILES.

Dussehra is also known as Vijayadashmi (‘Vijay’ which means ‘victory’ and ‘Dashmi which means ‘tenth day), as it is on this day that Lord Rama killed the demon Ravana and freed his abducted wife Sita.

Let us all celebrate the occasion of Dussehra which signifies the victory of good over the evil.