Morning Mantra

123Every new day that God gifts us is a beginning of a

new ray of hope,

new set of feelings,

new layer of excitement,

new stock of plans,

new aura of enlightenment,

new bundle of efforts,

new zeal of energy,

new path of faith,

new area of success and

new bundle of joys.

33So every morning when you get up start your day by THANKING GOD for giving you a fresh day and then looking at the mirror say out loudly that “Today is the best day of my life”. This clears your mind from all fears and negativity surrounding you and brings before you all the energy and positive feelings and a mind filled with positive thoughts.

111Every morning spend atleast 5 minutes to enjoy the beauty of the nature.

124Nature’s beauty is such that it refreshes your mind and puts you in a positive frame of mind. This is very important as a good start of the day leads to a happy end as well.


  • Look at the birds chirping and flying in the air21
  • Look at the trees swaying in the wind22
    • Look at the sun shining brightly23
      • Look at the blue sky24
      • Look at the butterflies flying in the garden25
      • Look at the green grass26
      • Look at the fog covered mountains27
      • Look at the animals around us28
      • Look at the kids playing around us.29
      • Read inspirational and motivational quotes early in the morning. All this gives a positive start for a productive day.
      • Keep smiling and spread the smiles to the world around you.30

3 thoughts on “Morning Mantra

  1. certainly God has decided the route and destination for us. We need not be upset even if the things are not happening as per our desires We should thank God for everything and surrender ourselves before the Almighty as this is the only way to get solace n peace for our mind

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